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Is there any websites like facebook for cycling

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Then what's the problem in it if Facebook is asking the verification code just enter your phone number they will send some code to your mobile, then enter that code in the Facebook verification page then your page will be active then. There is no spam in it. You can try it..

How do I link my facebook page to my website and vice versa?

As per the original question, A). you have to go to 1)."Developers" to the bottom of your page and 2).click on WEB and you are off to the races. It shows you how to link you site to face book B). You can them link directly to your site from apps. in facebook. The Developers site shows you how ...

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I don't think any website is going to replace Facebook in near future. There is study done which shows that Facebook has become much less popular among est the US teens. But, it has not lost its charm yet. It has around 1.23 billion users all over the world.

Can I restrict my Facebook access to specific individuals, even for

There is no reason to risk the tons of viruses that roam on Facebook.