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Veterans day/purple heart,can the purple heart be worn just anytime or is it to be worn on veterans day?and meaning for what it stands?

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They earn it because they were wounded, and can wear it every day if they choose to.

Most war veteran dont wear purple hearts unless in there class A dress uniform for some type of ceremony.  You just dont wear it on your street clothes.  Most veterans I know that are fellow comrades (soldiers) dont tell anyone that they have them becuase the ones who really got them for combat action injuries dont want to remember the sacrifice to get them and other fellow soldiers who died for them.  But in Dress Uniform they wear them proudly.  There is an purple heart org that checks to see if they really have one or just bragging from buying on a website.  It is called : stolen valor ....there are more than you can imagine that do it.... Even in a dress uniform of the service they served or never served.  Hope that helps...

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