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Wearing diapers in public

At home I wear my cloth diapers ant a long t-shirt. I go out in my back yard and sit on the patio to drink my morning coffee and only the thick overnite cloth diaper, plastic pants and a t-shirt is all I have on. Is it wrong for me to go about only wearing my diapers in the morning?

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Greetings David:  If your question is whether or not it's acceptable to present yourself in public wearing only your diaper, plastic pants and a t-shirt, the answer would be a resounding NO.

You mentioned going out in your backyard in the mornings for coffee.  If your backyard is private and your neighbors, (if any), don't have to look at this, than I see no issue with it.

I assume you are an adult?  Adults do not parade themselves in public wearing only a diaper, but I think you already knew that to be the answer.

Dressing yourself and making yourself presentable for a public appearance doesn't take too terribly long.  I would recommend doing so before stepping outdoors. 

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no it is not wrong to wear diapers in your privet back yard if you have a 7ft fence +babys do not drink coffie baby drink baby bottles like juice milk so stop drink coffie it not good for babys.ok from mommy kristen

i think it is alright to wear  diapers in public as i do most of the tie  not that i need to its more for the comfort and i dont care  if any one knows 

Hi David,Mate i do the same thing?I love waking in the morning to see my wet,thick nappy(diaper)? And i to go out side in just a nappy and singlet.It feels so good.I live next to a busy main road so getting seen by passabys can be fun?Some people wave and toot as thay go past.I live next door to a campervan rentals company so it's often busy with after hours returns,because it's un man'd most times.It's great because it's mostly young back packers and i've been caught mostly at night by them.But they don't seem to mind,some take photo's and some like to chat,but i must add getting busterd by 4 young girls retuning a camper is the biggest turn on?I think they enjoy it too?So David your not alone,if it makes you feel good,just do it mate.JD

You're asking if it's wrong, well, I don't think it is. However, parading yourself for people to see is a different story. It's an ungodly sight to start with and no adult in his right mind would ever do that. My aunt wears adult diapers but she always make sure to keep it in private. 

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