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What kind of top to wear post carpal tunnel surgery?

I'm having carpal tunnel surgery in a month and I'm concerned about what kind of top to wear so I can get my hand into it esily. I also wonder if a pull over bra would make life easier?  Any help out there?

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I don't think that a pull over bra would be easier. I suggest a normal bra and have someone to help pull it over your hand/arm. I would also suggest looking for a button up sleeveless blouse. If you cannot find one, take an old button up shirt/blouse and cut the sleeves off. I think this would be the most comfortable and the easiest to get on as long as you have someone to help you. Good luck and I wish you all the best with your surgery.

I haven't had carpal tunnel surgery, but I did have surgery on my forearm to remove a skin cancer and was unable to use my hand and arm for quite some time afterwards.

If at all possible, forget the bra. If you must wear one, go with front hook.

As far as clothing, if you work and have to wear something other than pants, think wrap dresses with looser sleeves. If you wear slacks and tops, you will probably be most comfortable in elastic waist pants. (They sometimes look dowdy, but you may not want to deal with zippers or buttons.)

As far as tops, I agree that front opening shirts with short sleeves are best; if you can manage the buttons. Hawaiian-type shirts are good, because the sleeves are wide enough that they shouldn't bother your arm when you put them on.

If you don't think you can manage buttons, look for pullover tops with a looser style. (The pseudo wrap-front style should work pretty well.) Good luck with everything!  

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