Do you wear eternity ring before or after wedding band?

Do you wear eternity ring before or after wedding band?

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You seem to have a really difficult time trying to understand the concept of a wedding ring. You've asked the same question repeatedly for months. And the question has been answered numerous times.

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Other people asked questions on various topics, and are still waiting for answer. Would be great if you can take a sec and answer them

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Cranberries are much better than pears, especially if you match up the size of each one. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. For as long as you've been asking jewelry questions you should've been able to sucker somebody into marrying you by now. Do it or STFU about it, jerk.

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At any quality jeweler. Know that the engagement ring holds a precious stone not only as your commitment to the beloved bride but as her assurance that you will redeem her and the rock attached to her finger. Either way marriage depends on love. One reason I became a Protestant instead of a ...

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There's nothing wrong in having eternity ring as an engagement ring. Actually, a lot of girls find the idea awesome since it'll look like a stack able ring with their wedding ring. What they do is they'll put some modifications on it for more appeal. http ...

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Hi Juan, The engagement band is normally already on her finger. Just add the wedding band and you are good to go. For other wedding and relationship advice see us at God bless.