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Wdw retirement perks I am ready to retire, and how do I do this. I already talked to my manager, so I need your help. Thanks. Juanita

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I retried but I didn't get any perks.  What kind do you get?

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When will i get my full benefits. i retired early at age 62. i'am

When you retire early thats all you get from now on, it dosen't go up when you get older unless you retire at a later age. If you went out at 68 you would have more.

Retirement Benefits

The choice is one or the other but does she have medicare disability or SSI they are two different things and both have income caps on them. Good luck.

Ordinary disability and retirement

can you draw unemployment compensation while applying for disability

Waiting to recieve ss

There is a calculator on their website. www.ssa.gov I think (not positive) that you have to have worked a certain number of quarters within the 10 yrs. prior to filing a claim. If you are/were married however, you may be able to claim on your spouse's account.