What are the best ways to get YouTube Views ?

What are the best ways to get YouTube Views ?


I need to popularize my YouTube Videos. How do I do that ?

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Now Video Marketing is one of the best source of marketing. The first this is you should use long tail keyword as your title. Descriptions are very important to because they give the user information about your video. You have to place an accurate description about your video to maximize views.Keywords are the biggest part of your video! They are what keywords your videos relate to, so that when someone searches something, if any of the words they searched are in your video keywords then your video will show up in the search!Thumbnails are another part of your video that attracts viewers because it shows a snapshot of your video at exactly half way through the video. The quality is very important, because the simple fact, if your video is terrible quality no one likes your video! But if its brilliant quality people keep watching and most likely send it to a friend attracting MORE viewers.Commenting to other relevant YouTube Video Channel certainly will help you to get more views.Social Bookmarking of the YouTube links could be a best way to get visitors & Consequently subscribers.You can get youtube viewers who provides YouTube views services professionally. They are professionally, so it gets very good results. To get more YouTube views please visit http://www.socialkik.com/

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Sharing videos on social networking sites will help a big deal in this.

Several Ways to get YouTube Views :

1.Post your youtube links in social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc..

2. Submit your video in video submission websites..



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1) Name your video file with relevant keywords before you upload to YouTube. 2) Title your movie with catchy keywords AND BE SURE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH. 3) Fill out the video description with at least 2 – 3 paragraphs of text. 4) Put all the keywords from the title and description in the “tags” section. 5) Share your video with all your friends – quickly 6) Make a video response to an already popular video on YouTube. 7) Embed your new video prominently on your website to create 2 way traffic. 8) Buy YouTube Views for reliabe firms like(http://www.buyyoutubeviewscheapfast.com). This is to quickly increase the credibility and help the video go viral.
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