Any way possible for someone to pass Egt test?

Is there any way possible for someone who has been drinking alcohol to pass a Egt test?  This someone has called me slurring, hands and lips shake, especially hands.  this test was court ordered.  Should I request a drug test?  What ones?  I know he is definitly drinking but I cannot prove it.

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I would think that studying the night before might help, but drunks are  unscrupulous, inscrutable, or just not trustworthy. They would probably cheat.

You are not looking for a slam dunk here. You just need to demonstrate his uncooperative behavior. 

Alcohol has a fairly short half-life, so the test needs to be administered during the time of impairment. 

There are several alcohol tests that are available OTC. Get one and a witness. He will refuse, but once you have several documented cases of his refusal, you will have strong standing in the court.


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I do not know in which way you are involved with person. Evidently ETG test is effective to detect alcohol up to 80 hours after the drinking epiisode. ETG is only present when alcohol is consumed. There may be other reasons for the slurring, hands and lips shaking...hmmUndecided

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