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Our church is trying to view an insurance estimate that was done using Xactimate. Is there any way to view an Xactimate file with Excel? Or, do you need Xactimate software on your computer?

Hi Mark,

I guess that would depend on what the File format the estimate is. Is the File an .esx file extension? From what I found, when an estimate is exported, it is exported as this type of file. I don't know if there are any .esx viewers available, but what I found is you can download an Xactimate demo from and import the Estimate using a Data Transfer. Last I checked, for the demo, they require you to register your contact information, but they don't ask for any billing information, like a credit card.

Also, Xactimate can export Estimates to Excel using what they call Tokens. The user creates an Excel Document with these tokens, then Xactimate replaces the tokens with the Estimate information. This is something the company that did the Estimate can give you.

I would recommend contacting the company or person that performed the Estimate and letting them know you can't view it and asking them if there is a viewer you can download to open the file they sent you, or if they could send it in another format, such as Excel.

Also, on the off chance that the File type is a PDF, you would need a PDF reader to view it. I recommend using Adobe Reader from

Hope this helps!


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