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What is the best way to pickel hot peppers, i have 50 plants of various types of hot peppers, looking for grannyies home reciepe

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Most of the time, I take peppers (Jalapenos are my favorite) and blanch them until the skins loosen but don't come off.  Bell peppers are tasteless but poblanos and other chiles are great when canned.

For 200 pounds of peppers:

25 lbs salt,
15 lbs sugar,
20 lbs carrots,
10 lbs onions (the stronger the better)
10 galons corn oil
10 gallons red wine or apple cider vinegar.

Add the blanched peppers to 55-gallon drums (you'll have enough for 2 drums), boil the vinegar, oil, salt, and sugar together, let it boil until it looks a little milky.

Lay sliced carrots and onions on the top of the peppers and weight them down for about an hour.  Pour on the liquid pickle, and top it off with clean water.  Seal the drums and let it pickle for at least a month.  Open the drums, and mix with a food-safe shovel.

Pour into quart jars, seal, and process for about 20 minutes at 15 PSI. Gallons should be processed for 45 minutes.

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