What is the best way to cure social phobia

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First, I would think, is finding out what causes your social phobia.  You can do this thru therapy.  This can be expensive.  Group therapies are usually a little cheaper.   If you have insurance, find out if they will pay for it. 


"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"

Good question we sure have seen an awful lot of it in the last 12 years or so a lot sure does go through ones mind to that question. For a Country that loves wars it seems to be something that's used more to keep people against each other.

get out and make friends.


practice makes perfect.



I've seen men on the buses slug women in the face and pretend they slipped because they were from Nam. Men calling women nazi's because they came from Germany. You say you don't love wars but you sure do have a way of showing your hatred towards people who come here from Countrys you've had wars against. The vets get along with the people they once fought why can't you?


It sounds more like your just thinking about your self.

Edicous-- You are way off track.  Who said I do not get along with people from other countries???  The question was about social phobia.  You are the one who bought up wars.  You are the one who made the statement that this country likes wars.  My response was that no one likes war, but that sometimes it becomes necessary. Tell me of a time and place in this world when there was no war going on? You are trying to make it sound like America is the only country at war.  And that is because of your hatred for it. But the truth is that even if America did not exist, there would be war somewhere.  So how did it go from war to me disliking people of a different race?   

"Taken from the movie "Titanic" "A woman dies with many secrets in her heart"

There are times when rape is necessary, thats what war is but alot of women do get raped during war time. Women ask to be raped when they scream out to bomb Iran and other Countrys. Often even the US military is not apt to press charges for rape.


Women should not complain about it you should just be glad your alive. Its your mating call you should be ashamed of if anything.

You are one sick motherfucker. Seriously. Your parents should have bashed your head with a rock when you were born. Damn.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I understand thats what the neantertals did Bones. When the young males got in the way they killed them off.


I grew up in Utah around polygamy we even had the same bus stop going to school, the poor ones kept their males. But up the hill where the rich ones live their kids don't go to school. They turn their males on the streets when they come of age and don't know what to do with them selves and end up in rest homes at the age of 18.


The only thing thats improved in this Country was when Obama made it a lot more affordable to go back to school and college otherwise the youth used to enlist in the military as the only way to afford to go to college. Don't worrie about it Bones, they crack down on the rape in the colleges at home.


All is well on the home front. 

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