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why is my watermelon white inside or at least very light pink? Several people in our area have purchased what they thought was a perfectly good watermelon only to find the insides very light pink ...

Hello, Debosh.


There are about 1,200 varieites of watermelon with several varieties yielding different interior colors ranging from the more common red to orange, yellow, or pink.

It's possible your area had a slightly diifferent variety of watermelon. Genetic manipulation has created many varieties and are available around the world.  Such manipulation has seen the development of the so-called seedless watermelon first bred in Japan in the 1930's.  They are not truly seedless.  They just contain fewer very light-colored and soft-textured seeds that are undeveloped, compared to the more common  fully-developed hard, dark variety.

These melons are crossbred by using natural pollen from male/female varieties and  overtime eventually leads to a  brand-new variety.  There is nothing wrong with these nutritionally and there is certainly no danger in eating them.

Blocking sunlight would prevent color formation altogether which would make it colorless buit could also deter development of sweetness.  Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower have all been grown this way too. 

However it is important that watermelon not be picked off the vine too early, for if this was the case, it would not have ripened sufficiently and would therefore be deficient in development of sweetness and color! 

Hope this helps you.


Peter Bosani - Nutrition Specialist.

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