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Asked: Threesomes

my girlfriend wants to have a threesome with me and another man. I mean it sounds hot but i am not sure. i hope to get some help from men and women thanks.

Asked: Master of my domain

is it ok to masterbate all the time? even if i have a girlfriend that gives me sex all the time, she is just not around all the time, but we usually have sex three times a day

Asked: Can u get pregnant if a man rubs his penis on ...

Can u get pregnant if a man rubs his penis on vagina if he doesn't ejaculate and a girl is a virgin?

Asked: Freaked out

ok so i had sex with my boyfriend this past week, only once, no more than that, he used a condom, and he pulled out before he had the feeling that he was going to come, so after that we stopped, and ...

Asked: Checkered past

where did the phrase 'checkered past' come from

Asked: Basic question

Does having sex delay a girls period?

Asked: Periods

should i be concerned if i get my period ONE day late?

Asked: Is the penis myth true?

is the myth true that a guys shlong is half the size of his foot?