Water and its effect (or lack of effect) on bone or joint health?

Does water have any effect on bone health and/or joints?  I was wondering if drinking a lot of coffee and not a lot of water could affect arthritis or the joints in any way, or if although it is important for other parts of the body, it is a non-factor regarding joint and bone health - thanks!

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In general, coffee is an acidic substance. Hence, it is quite logical that it would have some sort of negative effect of bone structure (since calcium is base). Moreover, I know for a fact that doctors recommend patients who suffer from osteoporosis to cut down on their coffee intake.

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This is actually two different questions.  First, does drinking a lot of coffee affect the joints, and second might too much or too little water intake affect the joints.

 The coffee question is interesting to me because I have had a couple episodes where I was eating very badly or very little and drinking lots of coffee and my joints, in particular my hands, started hurting.  I never found any "hard" science evidence that coffee would affect the joints, but many of the more holistic type health people said that lots of coffee will affect the mineral balance in the body which may then affect the joints.  (As the previous respondent noted vis-a-vis calcium.  But I think other minerals were said to be involved as well.)  Arthritis is related to mineral activity in the body so this may be a factor.

 Being dehydrated or overly hydrated can affect the mineral balance in the body too.  Over-hydration can be quite dangerous because you excrete minerals with the urine.  But more than that I don't know.




I've done some searching on the Internet about this and based on all the answers I've found I can say a resounding "Beats me." 

I think it is more important to look at coffee and its effects on long term bone and joint health, instead of water ( or the lack of water ).  Most of the studies done on water concentrate on whether the water is flouridated or not.

Even the studies on coffee leave plenty of room for your interpretation.  Some say it contributes to loss of spinal bone density but not hip bone density, another says there is no detrimental effect at all as long as your drink only one to three cups a day. 

Just read carefully.

Seeing how our bodys are made of water and the studdies on water molecules show that it is not the intake but the thought put it to the water at the time of intake. So if you want to get the good stuff just think good things at the time. As for coffee I have no idea. Don't drink it.

What is the effect of freezed (Chilled) water on human body ?

Is there any effect of chilled water on Human joints ?

Hi again Ecrivaine32,

Love this question!  Yes, water is critical for keeping tissues and body fluids in balance.  Water is the primary component for creating lubrication between our joints and also for flushing out toxins that build-up in our bodies and are stored in organs and tissues.  Here is probably one of the best articles I found on the benefits of water:

Healthy Lifestyle - Heather Little-White, Ph.D.

Be well, live healthy! 

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I used to work at our local blood bank and believe me I 'saw' just how important drinking water can be.  First of all.. being dehydrated makes all the difference in the world as to whether you can even 'find' a vein and if you do you more than likely won't get anything out of it.  I would show my donors how their blood would clot right there in the needle or in the bag and it looks disgusting.. excuse the graphics but it looks like snot and blood clots all in one.. and it was enough to scare them into drinking more water. The question I would put to them was .."Have you had anything to drink in the last 24hrs."? and they would answer "Oh yeah.. I had a large Iced Tea".. or coffee or soda it was always something with caffeine or even worse.. 'no' fluids at all.!! Our body is about 68% water if I'm not mistaken so yes not drinking water will affect you in so many ways.. it will cause headaches, dry skin, collapsed viens and lots of other things I can't think of right now.. and of course kidney problems and it affects all of our other organs.. think about it.. if you can die from thirst it's because our bodies need it.. and even though tea, coffee and soda are 'liquids' it's not the same. So just a little tip .. when ever you go to donate blood ..which I know everyone does..Wink or even to the lab for blood test.. do 'yourself' a favor and drink 'lots' of water or at least juice and you will more than likely save yourself from what can be a very 'unpleasant' experience..Cool

I do not think water or even chilled water has any adverse effect on bone or joint health.

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