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When water comes through the sink sprayer but won't run through hot and cold spiget

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If water comes out of the sprayer without pushing the button you have a bad sprayer ... If no water comes out when the button is not pushed then you have a bad diverter valve located inside the faucet .. The faucet spout and spray should work independently and not at the same time....


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PS even if it were your breakers. You would still have cold water. It just wouldn't be hot

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E- If this is a new hot water heater, then you need to contact the installers. If you are reluctant to do that, then I would pull the anode rod- found of the top of the tank- and see if they might have slipped the old one in it. Clean it off. Maybe drain the tank. If this doesn't work, go back to ...

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Take the handle off and check the nut holding the valve stem in place.

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1st check the tempature setting dial and make sure it wasn't lowered. Electric units sometimes have two dials 1 for each heating element. If it's gas then make sure the burner has a nice blue flame.If it's an electric heater then 1 of 2 heating elements could have failed (this would be the most ...