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I've been watching the P90X infomercial for awhile and am considering taking the plunge and doing it. I called the number from the infomercial and it said the chin-up bar was an extra 60 dollars. Is ...

Hi Penelope

You do NOT need a pull up bar to start. I am a team beachbody coach with 3 years experience with the P90X program. I started out without the bar and foundmany ways around it which I am happy to pass onto you.

If you decide to buy the system I recommend you go through me. I am a dedicated coach who answers every question people such as yourself may ask. Not only that I send suggestions to help you stay on track and succeed in this remarkable fitness program.

You really are making a great choice and will never regret it.

Link 1 is to my teambeachbody web site:http://beachbodycoach.com/bringitwell

The second is to my life Coaching website where I offer more information re the P90X and other systems:


<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.core-strength.net/" class="comlink">Core-Strength Life Coaching</a> Get Strong. Stay Strong. Inspire others!
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