Did You Watch The Voice Finale?

Javier Colon was declared the winner of The Voice last night after an amazing duet with Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks.  Do you agree with the votes? If not Javier, who should have won? Will Adam Levine gloat? Will Christina Aguilera mope?

Did You Watch The Voice Finale?

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Oh crap it missed it .Oh well! I missed every other show.Was that on NBC? That explains it .

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No, don't watch that type shows..


Sweet G


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Not my thing NO

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I would have watched it. I liked the idea and what happens is, you get invested in the people, both the celebrities and the contestants. However, I have so many favorite tv shows, that I couldn't even watch the first episode. And I am trying to support Oprah's new network by watching some of the shows on OWN. How much time can you spend watching television?

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I did happen to catch a couple of those...depends on your genre of music..I like rock n roll thought Bev did a fantastic job...as did the Martinez girl...but Javier has already been there in the music business..guess time will tell if he goes forward...

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