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Gov. Chris Gregoire handed gay rights advocates a major victory Monday, signing into law a measure that legalizes same-sex marriage in Washington state, making it the seventh in the nation to allow ...

Have no earthly idea but it saddens me not because I do not want people to be together however or whatever but because it is only a lie due to the fact the reason people vowed to stay together and yes I know the ceremony with rings started in Egypt was to have a family, support that family, a family that came from their two bodies joined in love and bringing new life into the world.

This man/man or woman/woman can not do..............at this juncture in history.

Lady Darko

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So as such marriages between infertile or postmenopausal couple are a sham. Please. We've all gone down this road. It goes no ware.

Until you make it a legal requirement for marriages to produce children, your particular definition is just your opinion. and holds no more wait then anyone else's. Nor does it dictate the rights of others who do not share it.


andyrewcranky no because it is between a man and a woman as nature intended.  Again I say if only adam/adam or eve/eve were created or whatever it would be a short story indeed.

Yes we have been down this road a thousand and one times.  Yes I am entitled to my opinion and I still contend guys can unite, live together, take vows to one another, put their significant other on their insurance in many states, leave their property to their partner and many other things why insist on a marraige?  When they know that it has been universally accepted to be between a man and a woman?  Leave it alone what personal joy is there in constantly swimming upstream and demanding that all others' who disagree with you be forced to believe as you do?

Leave it alone already.

Lady Darko


It is not I that am forcing others to believe and live as I live.

It is the right that wants to tell everyone that marriage is only between a man and a women, and that no one else's choices are valid or legal.

Homosexuals are not trying to delegitimize your marriages, or tell you how to live your life

It's not about YOU, or your beliefs, or your church, or your religion.

It's about equal rights and protection under the law for ALL people. Even the ones who don't share your beliefs,


The simple fact is that marriage stopped being just a religious rite when the state, the law, the hospitals, and other secular institutions started giving special considerations and rights to married couple that they don't offer to non married couples

It's not about forcing YOU to recognize their relationship, or changing YOUR definition of marriage.

It's about spousal benefits, and survivor benefits, and joint bank accounts, and probate consideration.

It's about being able to visit the one you love in a hospital.

And not loosing everything you spent a lifetime building because the laws don't recognize your relationship for what it is.

Things that you take for granted, but are denied to gay  and lesbian couples.


I have never told anyone what if any religious organization I prefer or belong to.  I have spent a lifetime searching to understand what it is all about.  Reading many different books covering many different religions and what I discovered in my journey is that there are basic elements that make-up the cornerstone for many religions that all coincide with one another and it works for me.  I believe in the words of Jesus Christ and I believe that the Ten Commandments work for everyone who finds peace in their beliefs. 


Homosexuals are indeed attempting to flaunt their sexual activities and way of life on the public at large for what reason I can not decern.  I do not want anyones' sexual life, fantasy or what have you thrown in my face for any reason. 


Homosexuals HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS AND PROTECTION UNDER OUR LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The simple fact is that I am a nurse for close to 30 years and never have I seen any homosexual not allowed the same rights in a hospital or clinical setting as anyone else. 


I have homosexual friends.  One couple took their vows to one another, bought a home, lived together for years and they drew-up wills to make sure everything they had went to their partner.  They had bank accounts with one anothers names on them.  Don't be insane andrewcranky you can put anyones' name on your bank account.  Again get off the visiting your loved one in a hospital for crying out cranky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyone can visit anyone in a hospital during visiting hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well this couple I am talking about split after years of being together and believe me they had as big a battle over everything as any hetrosexual couple could wish for.

Good Grief.

Lady Darko


1) Maybe homosexuals do "flaunt" their sexuality. But don't heterosexuals also? Homosexuals are tired of hiding who they are, and playing the social scapegoat just because some bronze age book, and other peoples bigotry says they should be shunned.


2 ) just because you personally haven't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It does. All the time.

3 ) Gay couples shouldn't have to make all of these special arrangements that strait couples don't, just because other people have a problem with their relationship.

Would it be fair if you had to do this?

If you truely do have gay friends, would you want them to to lose everything they have, just because they didn't?




1.)  Yes indeed they do but two wrongs do not make a right.  I personally do not care to see hetrosexual or homosexuals exploiting their bedroom habits.  Since time began it is thus but look to the History Timelines to see what became of such societies when they delved into such gross behavior.


2.)  Of course I know it happens and I do not choose to watch it just as I do not choose to watch my own antics in the bedroom. 


3.)  Gay couples that I have known were as personal as I am and they were not willing to exploit their personal bedroom antics.  Wether Gay or otherwise Kinky is somewhere out there and always will be and does not validate love, effection or a true relationship and voyerism does not represent most relationships.


4.)  My Gay friends are and always have been as dignified in their personal relationships as I have been. 


Lady Darko


1.) Yes indeed they do but two wrongs do not make a right. 

( OK, I don't know what you meant by "flaunt", but I was talking about moderate PDA. Walking down the street with your loved one hand in hand. Stuff like that. )


2.) Of course I know it happens and I do not choose to watch it just as I do not choose to watch my own antics in the bedroom.

( again, wasn't talking about sex. {is that all you have on your mind?} I was talking about all the non lovy duvy business of marriage. Spousal and survivors benefits. Hospital visitation and spousal considerations that are not covered by "civil unions" or power of attorney or wills. All the things that heterosexual couples take for granted without question, and would get extremely pissed off about if denied.

And your choice to not see it, is woefully obtuse

3.) Gay couples that I have known were as personal as I am and they were not willing to exploit their personal bedroom antics.

( and again with it all being about sex,,,? ) 

4.) My Gay friends 

( If you actually had "gay friends" you would know better.


1.)  Ok accepted and alright with me.


2.)  We been over that.  I am a nurse nobody ever turned away from a patients room it is in the Patients Bill of Rights.  Again a Will covers it you can leave anything you want to anyone.  You can put anyones' name on your savings or bank account.  Get off it.


3.)  Well appears that is what you are expressing all the time, who the hell cares what you do or your dog does, or your mother/father inlaws do.  Certainly not me you'd be broke if you depended on me for that.


4.)  I have Gay friends was in theatre since age 5 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................I do know better than you appears.


Lady Darko

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