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Warrant arrest for not appearing in court

My son just got a letter saying he had a warrant out for his arrest because he did not appear in court.  The charges were for disturbing the peace and noise.  His bail is set for $500.  What does all this mean? Could they immediately arrest him? Or do they allow a certain time to appear and pay bail?

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yes anytime you don't appear (no matter how small the charge) a warrant is issued.  Judges don't like to be "jerked" around period.  He could have went to court and not to jail with just a warning.  Now comes my question.  Why was he too stupid not to show up?  He could have requested a public defender and if there really was an emergency the public defender could have gotten it delayed.  I'd say he's in jail for stupidity.  Sorry but it is the truth when people think the law isn't important.  Now he Will Show Up in Court and will probably be dismissed for time served.  Your son is an idiot to go to jail over something so stupid.  But he chose too by thinking they were to busy to come after him.  Never think that where the law is concerned or you will be in jail and standing on the other side of the judges bench hoping you can get out.  Jail is terrible.  He'll come home with a new attitude.  Bet he'll never miss another date again. 

He hasn't gone to jail.  Just the letter right now saying he has a warrant out for arrest and he can pay a bail for $500 at court and then they would give him a day to appear in court.  He does not live at our home but uses our address.  So I did not open the letter, was just reading thru the envelope the best I could.

Awe bless your heart. i know I have a child too. Please make sure he knows he has to appear this time and that he better have $500.  If a police officer finds him first for anything.  Speeding throwing trash on the sidewalk,  because he has a warrant out for him he will be arrested.   Can you contact him as soon as possible? You don't have to reveal that you read through the letter but have him pick it up imediately.  You are a good Mama to care so much.  Contact him now because if he resists or anything like that they might taser him over nothing even though it is nothing to him.  He could get into even bigger trouble.  If for any  reason he is pulled over on the street.

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