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How to warm a pre cooked spiral cut ham

I have a 15 pound spiral cut pre cooked and glazed ham. How long and at what temp. should I cook it to warm but not dry it out?

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I personally have never done it but this is what Dakin farms suggests!  Good luck!


Warm - Many people prefer to serve Spiral Sliced Hams warm from the oven. This is fine provided extra care is taken not to dry out the ham or have the special glaze simply melt off the meat. To maintain its integrity while warming, please follow these directions:
1. Pre-heat oven to 300° F.
2. Remove the ham from all of its original packaging.
3. Wrap the ham in tin foil to retain moisture and the maple-glaze.
4. Place the wrapped ham in a roasting pan in the center of the oven.
5. Gently warm the ham for approximately 10 minutes per pound or until warmed through.
6. Check ham frequently to ensure that the slices do not become dried out.

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