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Want the person that Killed Doreen Carlucci and Joann Delardo Behind Bars


My name is Barbara.  I known Doreen Carlucci since she was born in 1960 . I lived across the street from her and I still live across the street from her mother Mrs. Fran Carlucci.  I grew up with Doreen and I knew her until she died. She was a great girl and what the papers wrote about her was untrue. I also knew the Delardo girl not well but I had her mother as my brownie leader. It is horrible that the murder of these girl are still not solved. I would love to here someday that the person that killed them is behind bars. I just visited her grave about a week ago. Her whole family is great. Two innocent girls walk home from a church in Colonia and they are dead because of some person . Please contact me at Sendintheclowns3@aol.com

I would love to know any latest news about the murder. I talk to Fran Carlucci all the time just last week and her sister Francine and they are nice people and wonderful neighbor . I want the man or lady that killed these 2 nice girls to pay for what they did.


I know from talking to Mrs. Fran Carlucci so far noone has really been convicted of the murder's and I know the evidence that they have found about her from talking to Joe Carlucci her dead who died to.


Please tell me anything you know about the murders.


Thank you


Barbara Gebric Sidrer



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