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An adult female likes to pee and poop pants is this normal?

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Have this person seek professional help as soon as possible.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

Yes...many people like to touch their poop and feel it is sexy...I know many guys who enjoy sex with poop kisses

ewww....to the last comment. and is this person mentally ill, they might be and they should seek professional help.

The simple answer is "no", it is not "normal" in the sense that most or even a large minority of adult women feel the same.

However, I think you may want to ask a different question, which is: is a woman enjoying messing her pants harmful or wrong?

The answer to that is "it depends". If the woman does it only in private and without guilt, then it falls into the category of a strange but harmless fetish. It does no harm to anyone else nor, apart from some extra laundry bills, the lady herself. However, if she is obsessed with doing this in public where strangers might see, it is a problem that needs counselling. Similarly, if the woman has guilt feelings about what she is doing, it would be well to seek help to determine how to manage those feelings in the future.

In the strictest sense, it is not normal.  However, there are thousands, possibly millions of people worldwide who derive pleasure, sometimes sexual, from deliberately relieving themselves while clothed.  Most wear a diaper and/or plastic pants.  Some dress as babies, but all wear a diaper. 

There are several terms for this phenomenon: Diaper Lover (or DL), Adult Baby (or DL) or a combination of both modalities (AB/DL).  The internet is filled with sites catering to these fetishes.  Interestingly, the practice seems to be predominated by males, both straight and gay, with female participants counting for a small percentage of the group.  Many males involved in these lifestyles fantasize about participating with a female of like interests.  However, these arrangements are seldom realized.

While these practices are seldom culturally condoned by society, many people derive extreme pleasure from them.  And there is no harm to living out these fantiasies, as long as the actions are completely voluntary.  Being forced into some of these practices could in some cases be seen as abuse or even as criminal acts.


its called infintilism. its a fetish which is actually pretty commen. you can check it in winpika, it gives many common answers to these questions. there are also sites you may check in regards to this. dailydiapers is a good site I suppose, also its refered to as AB/DL adult baby/ diaper lover. to let you know its becoming a larger and larger liked and accepted occurance. to completely answer your question though, it is a minority (train of thought). this is not a completely common habbit or fetish which people have, however, many more are becomeing intrigued in this. do not feel alone, their are many forums in which you can talk and discuss this topic with others with a like mind, or at the very least can help you understand why you feel this way about diapers and messing yourself.

I think it perfectly OK, do what you want to do "F" everyone else!!!!!!!

You will find a significant other who likes it. Like me! So be who you are and enjoy life.

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