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I want my fwb to be my bf..how?

 Me and my fwb have been getting it on for about 2 months. I really have grown to like him, ALOT. we were friends before. he told me before that he was scared to go into another realtionship because all the ones he has been in before screwed him over. How do i tell him that i want to be in a realtionship??? and not make it weird between us?????

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If you want things to happend you have to be pro-active (you can't sit and hope that things will happend)...  That means you have to be brave and simply say it, loud and clear, face to face.   You don't have to worry.... it's not a crime...  say exactly what you feel and what you want.... ensure him that you are different from all the others and you'll treat him well and always be fair and true (as you do now, while talking).... What's so weired about it ?....  I would be very flattered if a woman said it to me.... I promise you that it will be easier than you think, and after doing it you will wonder why were you so worried.  Go for it, don't hesitate.
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Once you are fwb it is virtually impossible to go to bf or gf status. Like the old saying "If you can get the milk for free why buy the cow". I have had several fwb and everyone turned out somewhat badly for us. The first thing you need to do is tell him how you feel because once you develop feelings than it is no longer a fwb relationship. Just food for thought.

In my opinion, you should ask him about his feelings.  Then ask him if he would care if you started dating someone because you need commitment.  You will be able learn alot from his answers. 


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no really easy way to say exactly how he will respond. now you say that his other relationships screwed him over, any guy carrying that kind of baggage is going to be hesitant. i would say to ease him into it, but to months of easing and a long time being friends gave you all the prep you need. =) the only thing left to do is to ask him, as a friend he must think your funny and fun, as a fwb he must think your atractive and good with -add sexual preference here- lol. hope all turns out well.

-here to help

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