Anyone want to join me on a saturday night? I'm the best

Anyone want to join me on a saturday night?  I'm the best

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Ut oh, looks like the taco bell boyz are finally breaking out. I remember these zeros on the regular AOL message boards.

Awww ... look what the clone clown "twins" are doing on Saturday night. Still pathetic as always. Not to mention ... OWNED!!


No, the fact that you are an idiot clone using one of my old SNs thoroughly and totally PROVES that you're OWNED!! That rule never changes. If you had any brains ... well, I guess I need not finish that statement.


Like I said, pussy, My thread, I make the rules. Get it, FerkJaw. Like I said before you had my post removed, don't come to me after Decidermyassll turns you down on cyber sex and expect me to be nice to you.

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