Anyone want to discuss the differences between Protestants and Catholics? ;)

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Well, Catholics believe in a Pope, Saints, Priest can forgive sins, Mary has power,confess to a priest, say written prayers, worship Statues, and oh so many other things the Christians do not believe in. The Catholic Church was the cruelest church in the early years with corrupt popes (in WW2) say prayers in Latin and the people don't understand it, The list is long and Christians believe in none of these things.

Both as dumb as each other.

Elden.....I certainly do agree with you!  Actually, the reason I posted this question is that I'm coming from a message board about the differences/similarities betwee Protestants & Catholics, and we'll be losing this board due to this silly "ask AOL" board!

  We've had some real heated discussions as well as good discussions understanding why there are differences.

  Oh well....just trying to keep something going.... ;)

Catholics and Protestants are all Christians. The Catholic church was the first organized church of the followers of Christ out of the many separate branches that were out there after the death of Christ. When the Catholic monk, Martin Luther did not agree with all the teachings of the Catholic Church and said so. This "protest" was the founding of the Protestant faith from which many denominations formed.

No form of religion has any basis in truth or fact.

The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and is some two thousand years old.  Membership is by baptism with water and by word. It is then we are confirmed in our membership by a bishop and become irrevocably a Member of Christ and a Child of God! 

A Catholic has to believe in that faith which was revealed to us by Christ and recorded in Scripture, (Jude) this to be explained, interpreted and completed by the Bishops and fathers of the First 1000 years through the medium of the Seven Ecumenical Councils. If this is not done then we fall away from Christ's teaching and become sectarians.But Good,Bad or Indifferent we remain Catholics though we will not be in the Church and Members of Christ or Children of God!

Classicly, a Protestant was a follower of Luther in his struggle against the encroachment of papal authority against traditional catholics. A separatist was one who sought to separate himself from the Catholic Church here on Earth, such as Baptists.  Reformed were Calvinists and presbyterians who sought to take the Church over and turn it to their own beliefs!

Later the term  'Protestant,)became widespread and was adopted by many Separatists and Reformed, even the Roman Catholic Church described themselves as ',Dissenting Protestant Catholics," in a letter to the British Government in 1791! Anglicans always refused to use it in a theological sense, but did make use of it against the political pretensions of the Bishop of Rome in the 16th, and 17th, Cent against England.

There are several groups of Catholics that claim membership of the Church. Two, Orthodox and Roman claim each to be the entire, one holy catholic and apostolic Church pursuing their respective claims even though they do not talk to each other! Traditional Anglican Catholics the other major group eschews any claim to be the 'One True Church,' claiming very sensibly only that they are a Communion of Catholic Believers! Whilst the Holy Roman Church fell in to sectarianism after 1500, by pressing additional and unscriptural doctrines without and scriptural or apostolical doctrine to support their claims.

Hope you find this interesting?




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