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FIFA 15 coins delivery method amended on Fifapal

Due to the removal of club names, we cannot find the players you list easily. Now, we have made an adjustment to the delivery method . After you list a player on your account, you ...
  Posted 15 minutes ago .


Blizzard Paid Attentions to Wow Mobile Garrison Concept from Players

It seems that Blizzard always like to hire his fans to manage the game. Recently, a lucky dog has got a chance to talk with Blizzard. This player came up with a marvelous mobile ...
  Posted 26 minutes ago .


New application fields of sand making machine

Long long ago, sand making machine did not come to China, use the field it is limited, in recent decades, China has introduced the vsi sand making machine equipment and obtained ...
  Posted 1 hour ago .



Why cant i log into my account
  Posted 9 hours ago .


Are you with me?

I think we should all put aside our differences and get together to have newzhubz banned from this site. I'm really sick and tired of having to wade through 10 or 1 pages of ...
  Posted 10 hours ago .