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What is your opinion , Challenges of God,lessons and messages from the history of the former disbelievers ?11:40?

*******Most of the following of the other religions in the west always attack Muslims from what they see and hear of kill between the Muslims each other. Saying <<This is the ...
  Posted 2 days ago .


Republicans care about animals, Democrats don't.

Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (VMMA) (H.R. 1528), in step with the U.S. Senate’s approval of an ...
  Posted 11 days ago .


Isreal and nazi-germany

When the history of nations are being written,will isreal not be occupying the same position with nazi-germany;considering the number of people(palestines and arabs) they have ...
  Posted 5 years ago about "Iran: Desperately seeking Yeltsin"


Great review of the Nazi evilutionism/Darwinianism

Original found at: See the link above if images/formatting don't show. The Darwinian core, and fundamentally anti-Christian ...
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Im Sad a lot?

I don’t know if I’m what you would call depressed. I don’t take that label because self-diagnosing is a trend that I do not want to be part of. I don’t know that I could call ...
  Posted 3 hours ago .