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NY Asylum wake up, you have a patient running amuck

Don't you ever watch these people?
  Posted 53 minutes ago .


Martial Arts Meditation-Zazen,Taoist,Tai Chi,Kundilni,Yoga

What is correct meditation for martial Arts and good health.I am not an authority on meditation as I only use parts that suit me which means I don't follow SOP.This being said I ...
  Posted 2 years ago .


AOL are you sleeping again?

Wake up and read the stalker's harassing posts.
  Posted 1 hour ago .


Bank with good fd rates in India

I want to know about the best option available in banks which would be able to provide good fd rates in India.
  Posted 4 days ago .


Decidermyassll I will not allow anyone to upset you.

You know I have your back. Wink wink
  Posted 20 hours ago .