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How does the walmart associate in critical need fund work?

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I don't know how the ACNT program works, but I am in need of some assistance from the program. First of all, I am an employee in one of your Indianapolis stores, and I went to ask my hiring manager how it works, and he told me that I need to ask one of the head managers. Actually at that time I was in need of food assistance, and she told me that Walmart does not help with that, and asked me why don't I go to the food bank. I let that go. My problem now is, I have bedbugs all over the house that I live in. The owner told me that it was my responsibility to get rid of them he was just helping me out. I don't have any money to move with, and I was looking for assistance from your program to help me with the down payment, and the first month's rent. I receive Social Security on the third of the month, and I can't work over a certain amount a month. I am trying to find somewhere to move to. I would like to know what I need to do to get some assistance from your program. Could you assistance or am I eligible for your program? Please let me know!!! Sincerely, VeronicaCraig60@stu.brownmackie.edu

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