How do I get a good voice for singing? What exercise do I need to do?

I like singing and I would love to join classes but my parents thinks its a waste of time! What are the exercises required for good voice?

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When you sing, try to get an idea of where the sound is coming from. For example, pick any note, sing it, and hold it. Doesn't matter what note. For the vowel sound, just try "Ah." Now, while your singing, pinch your nose closed. Does the sound dissapear? What you might be doing is pushing the sound out of your nose more than your mouth.

Next time, try singing the same note with the tip of your tongue stuck to the back of your front bottom teeth. Open your mouth and inhale deeply. Feel how the space in the back of your throat opens up? Try to keep that space open when you sing the note again. I bet your sound will be clearer and less nasal. That's one way to get a better quality of sound when you sing.

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SING SING SING it is the best practice.

do re mi, try the highest and the lowest, enough rest, eat less pepper and chilly, strong taste is limited. any that made you cough is limited too. training aerobic, running, swimming or thing like that.

Listen to Yma Sumak

listen to elephant voices; allow the sound to come up and out 

how to get a nice voice


sing like you are a european pop star in his private time for fun. Smile

try to follow the note step by step..

becoming a better singer isn't really something you can do if you don't have a voice to begin with. You can't change your voice you can only improve it.

I think the best way to improve your voice is to record your self singing then play it back to yourself. that way you can pick out the bad parts of your voice. then you can try to change the negatives about your voice.Embarassed

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