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What vitamins help lengthen hair anagen phase and/or help it grow faster

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Vitamins B, C, F, zinc, iron, copper and protein are essential for hair growth. Try http://solutionsforhairgrowth.blogspot.com/ for more details.


Hi Tornado,

I've had thinning hair for about 5 years, been worse since I've been on pain meds for back issues. I take my vitamins, but for a while now I never have but a few hairs growing in each follicle. My hair is now getting thin all over and starting to fall out a little. I take all the above vitamins, my hairs grows long, just never has much hair on top where you can see the scalp. It's so embarrassing that I sprinkle brown particles on top to not see my scalp. Help someone, not sure what else to do. I'm 65, a grandmother and don't look old otherwise. I do have my hair professionally colored and have been told that is not the factor.

Thanks for listening,


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