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How would you rate Andrew Lessman Vitamins? Are ...

How would you rate Andrew Lessman Vitamins?  Are they better than, equal to or just hype compared to other formulas.  He says they are all natural and not man made.  There are so many out there it is difficult to know what to purchase.

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Before I answer, I am curious. Does the bmw in your name indicate the kind of car that you drive?

I am not familiar with Andrew Lessman, nor his vitamins.

Diabetics need insulin. Most of the insulin these days is synthetic, but it is identical to the insulin that is manufactured in the body. Synthetic vitamins are identical to the ones that your body makes. It is my opinion that the use of the term natural vitamins is an attempt to use a person's ignorance to manipulate him.

I have taken a lot of different vitamins. The only one that I could tell made a difference in the way that I felt was Vita-Lea by Shakley. And no, this is not a commercial and I do not want to sell you any. Vita-Lea provides at least 100% of all the vitamins. And it supplies most all of the minerals, too. It has been proven to be quite bioavailable. I am sure that there are others out there that are close. I just happened to stop looking when I found one that made me feel better. And this stuff is not expensive.

I will tell you that if you start reading labels, you will find that virtually all the OTCs have teeny, tiny amounts of a particuar B vitamin, biotin. Biotin is quite expensive compared to the other vitamins. Kahlil Gibran  wrote a great book called The Profit, but I don't think that he mentioned vitamins. (If  you have not read The Prophet, I would recommend it to you.)

In practical terms, find a vitamin that supplies at least 100% of the vitamins. I think that minerals are a good plan, too. Do not get an iron containing vitamin. Unless you are a woman who is still having periods. Check the label for bioavailability studies, or look on line. 

I looked at Andrew Lessman's website. It reminded me of a midway at a carnival.

Altho there were way too many products to choose from, at least they were very expensive. I might take a bottle if I were given one, but I can tell you straight up that I would never spend by hard earned money on any of his products.


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recently i watch one video which actully totally one all vitamins importance.

may be it should be helpful to you.


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I have been taking Andrew Lessman vitamins for the past 15 years.  I am 56 years old and I have no need to take prescription drugs or over the counter drugs.  I attribute this to Mr. Lessman's vitamins.  I have taken other vitamins and have had a range of problems from an upset stomach to being allergic to some of the "extra stuff"  added to the vitamins.  Mr. Lessman's vitamins are 100 per cent natural and are microgranulated to dissolve quickly and keep you from having an upset stomach. 

If you are uncertain about these vitamins purchase them from HSN and you have 30 days to return them for a 100 per cent refund.  I think you will find these vitamins are GREAT and there will be NO need to return them at the end of 30 days. 

If you have questions call Andrew Lessman's company and REAL people will talk to you about the products and they will not rush you off the phone.  They are great.  Go to his website @ www.andrewlessman.com

i think any vitamine is ok for the body its how your body react

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I am now using Digest Assure and also taking Andrew Lessmans B-12 500. These are extremely high quality vitamins and supplements. They do what he says they will do. His products are sold on HSN and have been for many years. HSN will not back just anyone. But forget about that. My personal experience is this...you can buy vits and supplements anywhere, but they are not created equal. Many times you are throwing your money away. Since I have been taking the B-12 my energy has increased greatly. Also the stomach probs I was having have disappeared with the Digest Assure. I urge you to go to HSN.com and read the feedback from customers. I am going to also purchase his CoQ10.  Good luck with this and I will also mention that Vita-Lea as suggested by another post is a very good product that you will see positive results from.

I have been taking Andrew Lessmans' vitamins and supplements for about 10 years now.  I started with Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and I'm up to about 6 other products.  I love the vitamin/supplements.  They work for me and I can tell a difference in me when I don't take them.   I will never go back to 'drug store' vitamins again.  Andews products are 'the real deal'.  I love to watch him and listen to him explain about all the bio and photo that contribute to your body and helping it function correctly. Then how his products function with the natural body process... He's my idol!!! He's' truly amazing!!!  If i had him for a teacher in bio med I probably wouldn't have had such a hard time with it. 

I've used Andrew Lessman vitamins for about 20 years.  I am told I look very young for my age so who knows, maybe it's the vitamins?  It doesn't hurt to eat well and exercise 5 days/week either.

His supplements are very high quality and have passed tests by Consumer Lab (an independent testing company), but they are awfully pricey. If money isn't a concern for you, then go ahead buy some of Lessman's stuff. But I'm not made of money, so I'll stick with the cheaper stuff from other, equally reputable companies whose products have also passed CL's tests.

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