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My friends are telling me I have a virus in my ...

My friends are telling me I have a virus in my email account. How in the world do I get rid of it? I gave myself a new password already. Thank You for your time, Kelly L. Gray ~~ GSkpolo@aol.com

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Viruses and Trojan horses are sneaky and if you browse the web a lot, exchange a lot of email and sometimes download software, statistically you are bound to be hit sooner or later. The only way to keep your system clean is to have some Antivius installed and always running on your PC. The most popular free Antivirus is AVG (just search for it on download.com), it is quite good enough, but the best protection you can get is using the commercial AV tools, such as McAfee (get it on McAfee.com). It is worth the money.

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