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Virginia unemployment notice of benefit year ...

Virginia unemployment notice of benefit year ending

Hello! I got a notice today in the mail stating that my Virginia unemployment benefit year ends on the BYE date which is 7/10/2010, I am on tier2 of EUC and still have 2 weeks left on it, the notice says that I need to file a new claim during the week following the BYE date 7/10/10, now when I file this new claim the week after the 10th, will I still recieve the rest of my tier2 EUC and will I get Tier3 EUC. I thought all the EUC Tier's roll over into each other and what about this 99 weeks that I keep hearing people talking about, what is that about. Thanks for any help I can get.

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Hello Emily,

How many weeks have you collected as of 7 10 10?

When would you be able to collect to, if you got the 98 weeks that has been the limit on federally funded Unemployment Comp.   That's about 23 months.



There has been talk about extending the time one can claim Unemployment Compensation past the 98 weeks to have it go for over 2 years or closer to 3 years.  But that was voted down by Republicans (mostly), however the republicans have said they would go for some extension past 2 years but ONLY if there was a corresponding cut in other area of the huge budget which is running up our National Debt at record rates already.

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Hello, Here is a break down: July 10, 2009, Reg Virginia Unemployment from 7/10/2009-Dec 27,2009 which was around 23 weeks and than a letter stating EUC 1/11/2010-5/11/2010 Tier1 and Than a letter stating EUC 5/11/2010-7/28/2010 Tier2 which I am still on for 2 more weeks, so far I think it is 53 weeks total. I need to know should I file a new claim by the 16th and if I do will I loose EUC altogether and maybe not get anything, I thought all the tiers rolled over into the next tier. Thank you for any help you can give.

My state we had to refile after each tier. So file for it now it takes time to get them to send you a check. Believe me it takes about two weeks on an extension.

Also check on line and do a "Claim Inquiry" Do you file on line???


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