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Antonius stradiuarius made in austria

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I have one that has what looks like an original label inside, but know that my wife's family brought it over from Germany in the 1840's. I had it appraised and it was indeed a German copy from the early 1800's. Many excellent violin makers copied the Stradivarius design and even labeled them Stradiuarius to honor him.

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Mine has an original looking label also - tan and aged.Can I ask what the appraisal value was?

Sure, the appraiser said the froshler bow that we also had was worth more than the violin, about $500.  I wanted it appraised because my 10 y/o daughter wanted to take it to school and use it for beginning orchestra.  It was kind of funny, though, when the teacher noticed she had an old violin, and immediately called me when she read the label, not knowing it was a copy.  "Do you know what she has??"

The only foolish question is that which remains unasked.

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