Violation district probation

I have 2 charges against me, i have not been found guilty or not guilty can district probation say i violated probation when court has not finished and i was on probation

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Yes they can. The terms of your 1st probation prohibit you from engaging in any illegal activities, or contact with anyone, or anything relating to the circumstances of your 1st conviction. For instance...If you're already on probation for DUI, and are pulled over by an officer. If you have a friend in the car with you who is drinking, you are in violation of your probation. If you are seen in, or leaving a bar, you are in violation. In fact, even if you are in a fist fight anywhere other than your own residence you are in violation. If you are caught in the company of a known criminal of any level, or even another probationer you are in violation. You signed forms promising the County that you would not do these things. I suggest you get your papers, and read the fine print. In 1986 I was on probation for DUI. With 1 month left to go I relocated to my hometown. When I checked in with the County they arrested me for Failure To Report, and filed a motion to revoke. Not for a 1 month sentence, but for the entire two years. I had to supoena the records that showed that I HAD NEVER missed a report, or meeting with my P.O. I guess my point is that once you are on paper they can do whatever they want with you. If you believe it to be improper, or illegal you will have to have an attorney. I can also tell you that usually it's about the money. If you can pay them off ahead of schedule you will experience a lot less trouble from them. Oh yeah, one other thing...The best thing you can do is admit to yourself that YOU are the problem...not them. You are an offender, not a victim. Just change yourself. Get a new set of associates. Stop doing the things that got you there in the first place. THAT'S the only way you can be sure of not having to go through this again.

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