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Viewing Medicare Explanation of Benefits on line.

golfHow can I view my Medicare Explanation of Benefits on line for specific visits?

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Log in to medicare.gov using your username and password. Once in, select the Claims tab; you can view any or all claims there.

Just because you think something is real doesn't necessarily make it reality ...

Welcome to the Electronic Explanation of Benefits Tool.

A practical tool brought to you by Aetna.

Today, many health care administrators still rely on paper and pen to manage health insurance claims. As you know, this can mean hours spent manually processing and organizing paperwork and possibly making phone calls for claims payment reconsideration.

Our Electronic Explanation of Benefits Tool can change all that.

Electronic Explanation of Benefits, or e.EOB, helps health care professionals like you access, review, manage and take action on claims payments and EOB information electronically, saving you time and money. These transactions are safe and secure.

The new e.EOB Tool is available to both medical and dental professionals.

Accessing the Tool is easy. If you are a registered user on our secure provider website, follow these steps. From the "for Health Care Professionals" section of www.aetna.com , log in to the secure provider website through the "Self-Service" option. The e.EOB Tool is located under "Claims" and "ERA/EFT" or under the "Transactions" tab.

Dental professionals can access the Tool through Aetnadental.com; on the website, access the Tool by selecting "View Explanations of Benefits" in the secure features section.

If you are not registered on the secure provider website or Aetnadental.com, registration is easy. Go to www.aetna.com and select "for Health Care Professionals," "Physician Self-Service" and "Register Now!"

That's all there is to it.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to review your daily EOB list or view other days' EOBs using the calendar feature.

By using the online EOB Tool, you will have:

  • Electronically organized records.
  • Access to your EOBs whenever you need them.
  • Search options by claim, patient, payment, or provider.
  • Access to robust claims detail pages.
  • The ability to review real-time claims status.
  • The ability to submit claims reconsideration online.
  • Less paperwork.
  • More peace of mind.

With the e.EOB Tool, you also have the ability to turn off your paper EOB statements for any billing address and enroll in Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT with our new online form. Start eliminating the paper in your office today!

Remember, all of these transactions are safe and secure.

Thank you for taking the time to view information on a new and innovative tool from Aetna.

To learn more about the e.EOB Tool for medical professionals, please visit our Education Site for Health Care Professionals, accessible from the "Education" page of the secure provider website. For dental professionals, please visit the "View Explanations of Benefits" page on the secure website.

Here, you can take advantage of another Learning Opportunity from Aetna…Developed with You in Mind.

Don't delay; start saving time and money today!


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