Video editing of an Australian TV show (DVD copy)

A friend in Australia sent me a DVD of a TV program from the 60' it is in a different format than U.S.  I want to edit the video, but the software I have does not "recognize" it.  The DVD will play onmy computer but not on my DVD player..but that is not the concern....I really only want about 5 minutes of the 30+ minutes of the program...but don't know what to use to edit it.

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I'd like to recommend Movavi Video Suite to you, I always use it to edit video and make funny video, it's easy to use and the quality is awesome, you can crop, cut, join, edit video with it easily. It also embeds many special effects, you can even add text to video or add background music, that's pretty cool. It worth a try For more video editing software, you may take a look at this review Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

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Video editing of an Australian TV show (DVD copy)

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