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Vegetable side dish to go with Ham???

What vegetable side dishes go well with a brown sugared ham?  My relatives come from the restaurant industry and I would like to impress them just a little.  Right now I am planning on serving, sugared ham, twice baked potatoes, stuffed shells, maybe a salad???  plus lots of good desserts.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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just found this recipe. looks pretty tasty!  We'll give it a shot and see how my in-laws respond.

You have alot of heavy, starchy food on your menu already.  I would say definitely a yes on the salad, and then a simply prepared vegetable such as string beans, asparagus or zucchini sauteed.

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Steamed Broccolini, or spinach wok fried in a little olive oil, Nutmeg, sea salt and fresh cracked peppper. Accompanied by roast cubed potato tossed with diced caramelized apple. With roasts I like carrots, parsnips and sweet potato all with their skins left on and washed, then roughly choppped. Then rubbed with olive oil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper then roasted off in the oven.

Honey Glazed carrots tossed with sesame seeds. Rattatouille always does well with pork, getting away from traditionalists. I like to experiment a lot with Food. And dont like the old conceptions of "Hey! Cheese and Fish ? What were you thinking?". Food is always adapting, cultures are intertwining and people are thinking Why didnt i try that before. The main trick is not to mix too many flavours together as it causes confusion and kill your dish. You need to compliment the main meat not overpower it.

Cookong simply for my Family, I Would do boil my white cabbage with peeled sliced granny smith apple with a dash of lemon, water , knob of butter, S+P. Then i would do steamed sliced carrots tossed in honey and sesame seeds. served with Asparagus Halved Tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, sea salt + Fresh cracked black pepper then cooked on a Barbecue. Yummy! 


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To balance out the presentation, I'd serve something dark green like steamed broccoli.  You already have the sweet ham, the fancy potatoes, stuffed shells, and such.  Broccoli florets are attractive, too.  Even steamed green beans would make a nice addition.  I'd serve several choices on the salad dressings ... anything from a simple oil and vinegar to a creamier selection.  Good luck with your dinner and Merry Christmas!

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I know I am answering this after you've probably had your dinner party, but I've found sweet potatoes, especially in one of those pecan topped casseroles, go really good with ham.  Broccoli and cheese is another great dish to add.  I hope this helped.

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