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Vegan country farms

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Alternative name for farm store

depending on all what ya carry...maybe "your name "mercantile. ya know like county mercantile, general mercantile...etc.

How can I find a few Collaborative Consumption ...

There is a woman whose name has appeared on this forum that seems to be into Collaborative Consumption. I have no idea as to how to get in touch with her. The name that has been used, I don't know if it is her real name or just a screen name, is Patricia Dykes. Good luck on your quest.

Where do vegans live in the US?

There are many vegetarians and vegans in New Mexico, namely Albuquerque. Here, hunting is not readily endorsed and there exists a general respect for other living things.

Is Gelatin Vegan?

Yup, some vegetarian options are agar agar and carageenan, types of seaweed that has a thickening effect. I've seen them in whole foods sold in little packets, I've been told they don't impart any flavor either. Next time you are at the grocerty store, look on the label of things more often and you ...