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Hello my love, now lets clear this up.  Do you mean rent your uterus out, as in surrogate mother?

Rent or sell but not as a surrogate mother. I don't know about all the legalities of this. Maggy

Well I have been an OB nurse for over 25 years to this date I have not heard of, or assisted with surgical  uterine transplants, because more is involve then just the uterus, ovaries, etc, etc.  I think this is a very unselfish thing you are wanting to do.  Let me ask again, do you have children of your own?  if not do you want them and will need this little baby holder for yourself?  do you mind giving more information about your situation and age?  

Hi Thank you for your responce. I am 35 years old and have 4 children so I don't need my baby carrier any more.  Maggy

I will be 28 when my 3rd and final baby is born. I also want to sell my Uterus...Not be a Surrogate.. I am done being pregnant myself. I know that when you die if you are an Organ donor they can and often do take the uterus and do Uterine transplants. So Why can't I sell it and get a down payment for a house while I am still alive and healthy? I would think that a Young, Healthy Uterus from a live person would work better as a transplant then one done from a dead person. Hopitals and Medical Professionals make a KILLING off of organ transplants from "Donors" all the time. I would like to be a donor who gets in on some of the profit. Having a Histerectomy does tend to physically age a person. So If I am going to look 10 years older after getting my Uterus taken out, I would like to be compensated for it. And It would still probably be cheeper for a mother who is trying to concieve then going the Surrogate route! Let me know what you find out. good luck!

HI  I am a very healthy 32 yrs old women I have three very healthy children and I do not want to have any more children but I do not want to waste my gift of a reproductive organ how do I go about sellmg my uteris to a loving caring couple ?

I was told that you can go to another country to have this done. Is that true? And if so how do you go about doing it.

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