Both of my tubes and one ovary was taken out. i only have one ovary and my uterus can i still become pregnant and if so how is that possible?

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i only have my right ovarie and both of tubes were taken out can i still concive

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Is it possible to be pregnant, when my period came ...

The first month i was pregnant I had my period. but my period was way different than usual, MUCH heavier. Just keep an eye on it and see if it's different (length, heaviness, clots, and your body signs like cramping, back aches... you get it.)

Can a girl get pregnant one week after her period?

Hi Gore, Yes sure. The chances are not very high (before ovulation) but still possible !. Best regards,

Can a woman get pregnant one week after her period ...

i saw my proid on 14 jan and now and i have intercourse with my man ,am sick now ,am pregnant

Is it possible to be pregnant while taking the "pill" (yaz) but yet still

Yes It Is Possible To Get Pregnant Whilst On The Pill, Not Sure About The Bleeding, I Actually Got Pregnant On The Pill Which Caused Complications During My Pregnancy And After Four Months I Lost The Baby, So I Would Advise You To Take A Pregnancy Test And Stop Taking The Pill UntilYou Know ...