Utah State Senate votes to ban Homosexuality discussions in class

Do you think discussing Homosexuality at school is a good thing? Utah State Senate votes to ban Homosexuality discussions in class



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Isn't that a violation of the first amendment ????  You republicans said you were pissed because we lib's don't follow the constitution ... isn't that odd that you can't because of the nature of the speech ... it OK for you to force religion on everybody but to talk about homosexuality is a taboo ...

How right you are andrewcranky!  I've pretending you didn't exsist for years and it hasn't made you go away.

It is discussed in schools, perhaps not in a teacher led classroom discussion but it's discussed. The question, how do we stop young people from discussing?

During 911 the christians had to be taught tolerance on the subject. It would be racist or sexist what ever the word would be not to teach about other genders and such. 

I think gays have the right to marry, but I'm not sure it is needed in discussion of health class sexuality teaching. That should be reproduction (birds and Bees) talk, which wouldn't obviously apply? I think homosexuality among humans and animals is better left to biology class at the college level perhaps.

Although it would be relevant in terms of preventing aids and other STD's so maybe I should backtrack there? Hmmm.

What's to discuss?  Insert penis in anus, insert penis in mouth, insert fist in anus.   That about covers it.

Gays was the first on Bush's reverend Jerry Falwell's list he god damned for the 911 attack while the only time they ever bring up Stalin and Hitler on here is when its about abortion. But we all know that gays were the first to be put in concentration camps during WW2 how can you not talk about it in the class rooms?


If you don't speak up for gays who's going to speak up for you when your next on the list?

Sex education is taught in the schools, mostly during recess and in the playyard.

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