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WHAT CAUSES DOGS TO HAVE A ORANGE STOOL? my dog has a upset stomach

WHAT CAUSES DOGS TO HAVE A ORANGE STOOL?  my dog has a upset stomach

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Usually, soft stool is more of an orange color.  Your dog could have eaten something causing the color.  I would take him to the vet to have him checked out, to make sure that he gets all the care he can get... meds, etc. 

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Orange diarrhea, if associated with vomit, weakness, no-appetite and changed water consumption (could be more=polydipia or less=adypsia) can indicated several conditions:

1. Canine coronavirus infection (all ages)

2. Canine parvovirus infection (young dogs)

3. Leukemia and other tumors (older dogs)

4. Liver problems (all ages)

5. Foreign body in the GI tract.

All of these conditions require an immediate visit to your vet!!

Dr. N. Cat DVM B.Sc.

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