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I had unprotected sex 4 days before my ovulation date but my boyfriend came outside, could i be pregnant?

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    Well yes you could be pregnant but the question is "Who is the father"......The fellow you were having sex with or you boy friend who came outside ...and you might hacve already been pregnant 4 days before scheulaed ovulation...some Gurls get pregnant by just sitting on a public toilet seat....so go figure My dear

Unprotected sex at ANY time (yes ANY !) can result in a pregnancy.  True there are days with higher chances and days with lower chances but at ANY given day there are chances to get pregnant.  4 days before your ovulation is time with relatively high chances to get pregnant.  "Comming outside" is not a safe way to protect yourself..... in fact it is very unreliable way !.  Please note that even a "pre-come" can result in a preganancy.   TO make a long story short:  If you want to avoid being pregnant make sure you are always well protected !. 

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