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An unknown failure occurred.

An unknown failure occurred.if i send a message to someones cell.. i have aim am runing windows xp all updates or installed... i never had this problem was doing great thin i ended of geting blue death screen after i tryed to shut down aim yesterday morning. system restarted fine thin after that this is all i get. i reinstalled aim 2 times internet works great. info on this would be nice and like to know what coused a blue death on my computer. it something with aim....

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Can you try upgrading to the latest version of AIM from http://www.aim.com/legacydownloads

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ok look im not a noob at computers here

this is what i have done to try and fix this problem  none of this works

im cleaned out the system

i deleted aim

i deleted the reg files

i ran a repair reg program  addware  virus scan and so on

i have updated aim  even with the link u sent there

nothing works   this only sends  to the cell numbers i try and txt to

i do not txt to noone els besides cell numbers

this computer is not out of date  this system is a cgi computer used for making gcodes for a cnc system

know  i done everything i know of  that would stop me from sending messages

this problem is off and on    what i do not under stand is 

some times i can get a message from a cell number  but i can not replay

give me some ideal in what can be stoping this  couse atm i got nothing


Same happened to me.... I have been without AIM now for a couple of months now because of this.. I have tried everything to get it back. Nothing has worked. 

I have some questions for you::

"" i send a message to someones cell..""  Qu: How do you send a message to someones cell [phone??] USING:: "" aim "" ... ""ended of geting blue death screen ""  think ,  What were you doing ?  How did you do it ?, Have you done this thing BEFORE , that did NOT cause [B.S.D.] (blue screen of death). "" info on this would be nice and like to know what coused a blue death on my computer.""B.S.D. is sometimes cause be a electrical short, turning the computer off while it is still "writing" to the hard drive [H.D]. While you told the computer to do something...it was still doing it and the electricity...for ANY and ALL reasons was turned off. The h/d could have been damaged in that part writing to the AIM program.


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