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When we hear of wedding cake, we see an image of white and tiered cake. What are some unique wedding cake ideas? I just attended a birthday party, and there wasn't a big cake with Barney figurines on ...

Your wedding cake can be anything you want it to be.  A wedding cake with a unique shape and design is an important part.  Many free spirited brides are looking for different ideas on how to make their cake stand out from the crowd.  You could use snowflakes to decorate your wedding cake.  They would work beautifully with the icy blue and silver colors. You can mix up the sizes and designs of the snowflakes for a natural "snowy" effect.  Or you can use fresh flowers or seasonal fruits to decorate the cake.  You can also make your own wedding cake to be more unique.  Cupcakes are another good idea, with different designs, shapes and sizes.  Make a great cake and have fun in the wedding!

Source: http://www.cheap-wedding-solutions.com/unique-wedding-cake-designs.htm





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