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Do nonprofits organizations pay into unemployment funds? If not can layed off nonprofit workers collect unemployment funds?

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I don't think it matters if you are working for a non-profit or profit organization... you can get unemployment funds of you get laid off.

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Nonprofits have two ways of handling unmeployment.  They can pay into the State Unemployment Fund (with their SUI taxes) like For-Profit employers, or they can pay out their own unemployment benefits through a process called "Reimbursing".  It's called reimbursing because the state will pay the benefits to the former employee, and then bill the Nonprofit for the amount they have paid out on the Nonprofit's behalf.  The Nonprofit then has to "Reimburse" the state for the benefits that were paid in that quarter. 


In either case, the former employee still receives their unemployment benefits.

Religious nonprofits have the option to not pay unemployment. If they choose not to pay then the employee cannot collect unemployment. Nonreligious organizations do have to pay unemployment, but they can pay the state one of two ways. As a state tax rated employer (same as a for profit company) or as a direct reimbursurer. Referenced from www.chooseust.com

Unforunately, non profits are exempt from paying SUI/DIS so workers that are laid off can not collect unemployment....except Oregon;  Oregon requires by state law that non profits MUST pay their SUI

The only exemption non profits have in California is in the method of financing their unemployment costs. Don't let these aholes cheat you out of the money./ The staff at the EDD will just say you don't have any funds and can not get benefits, don't believe them look up the tax codes. Non profit can either pay the tax like for profits or they can reimburse the State for the benefits after you collect them. The state workers don't have the last say on the matter . It is the law you can get benefits!

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