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Winning an unemployment appeal when you quit your ...

Winning an unemployment appeal when you quit your job due to an underlying mental illness.  I was on unemployment ins.  Took a job I knew would not be a good one just to get off unemployment.  A co-worker was abusive and the stress was so bad I quit.  Went to my Psy/and Phd during this time.  Can I win back my benefits, and if so how?

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Me thinks you need an attorney on this.

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This is for Mary..... My son recently had to quit his job because of depression and GAD with Panic Disorder. It's no laughing matter and your attitude is disgusting . My son is not and will not be applying for unemployment - primarily because he really doesn't qualify under the intent of the law ...

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You can apply to your state's Employment Security as soon as you are notified of a layoff or termination. Their adjudicators will then determine, case-by-case, if you qualify for benefits and/or services. Processing time varies. Usually, you can expect to be notified within three weeks of your ...

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I beleive this person would be able to collect if you fired them with no warning. You have to put them on a performance plan to turn around sales and also discuss it with them. No change, you need to write them up have them sign it.

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These acts of violence and unsafe working conditions would need to have been documented naming you as a target or victim, or at least being experienced by you or effecting you in your teaching capacity.