What is UBI Payment Services

I received a notice from UBI Payment Services and want to know if it is for real.  They want me to circle puzzle correct answer nd sign my signature to my name and mail back to them in Australia.  It originally came from Singapore and is to be mailed to Australia.  Help if you know if this is a scam.  Thank you for your time.  Sherry at sherry.moon2005@yahoo.com

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I confiscated this signed release from my mom's mail (88 yrs old).  Checked on-line for a scam. Found several reports. Check off-shore scams on Ripoff Report: Windsor-Morgan & Parker. Mentions: cost of postage or fax to Australia; selling your name to junk mail lists; possibly using your signature for forging; later will try to get your passport or driver's license or bank account info (to deposit your check????, yeah, right) which can all be used for identity theft.  Remember, if its too good to be true -- then it isn't!  Good luck - I'm tearing up my mom's release -- since after reading several scams on this, I'm sure the outcome would COST HER more than the $5,000 they mentioned she could win.

Houston, Texas


I got one too LOL but what if it is Real??? they don't ask for any money like all the other ones I have gotten???? I think it is a scam also...

Ok I say all of us who got the letters print out this and send back to them

themorningcall.com We've Got Your Back Beware of mail announcing you've won

October 14, 2008

The scam: Numerous readers of We've Got Your Back have reported hearing from UBI Payment Services. These folks are extremely generous, since they've been promising $5,000 to lucky winners. Their generosity also is well-documented on Internet message boards, too. As most people know -- as everyone should know -- there's no gold at their end of the rainbow.

How it works: This is a typical persuasion scam with a small twist. The announcement has been appearing in the mail with a claim form. It tells recipients that they are guaranteed $5,000 if they fill out the claim form and fulfill contest requirements -- essentially boiling down to signing the form. ''There is no purchase, payment or contribution necessary to enter or win,'' it says. That's good, because savvy consumers know that no legitimate contest requires individuals to pay ''fees'' or ''taxes'' to claim winnings. So what's the catch? Perhaps crooks want to copy your signature. Maybe they're setting you up for a phishing expedition, tapping into your Internet accounts. Whatever they're doing, they're not planning to pay you $5,000.

What to do: Do not reply. You don't want to open the door to thieves who use your curiosity to begin bombarding you with phishing attempts. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You can direct abusive or fraudulent mail schemes to U.S. Postal Inspection Service, P.O. Box 7500, Philadelphia 19101.


We've Got Your Back is a column warning the public about frauds and other illegal activities against consumers.

If you want to report a scam, contact gotyourback@mcall.com

or call 610 820-6590.

Copyright © 2008, The Morning Call

I got a letter from UBI Payment Services the other  day. I sent the letter back to them, buy if they try to scam me they are going to get nothing because I have nothing to give them. I'm broke, except for my SSDI check. They won't get any money from me. If I get a check I will probably try to cash it. My credit is messed up anyway.

i got the same thing about a week ago. i mean what if it is real cause they not asking you to send money back to them. n how will they get all of your info like your ssn and all that cause on mine it doesnt ask for all that. i think  i will sign it and send it back cause i have no checking accounts or anything like that. i dont have anything to lose, im broke. i wish they would send me a $5,000 check cause i know ill be cashing it!!!

So is it a scam or not?

i just received the same letter today so how can we check this out , aybe we should inlist the help of chris hason on date line

i will continue to watch this and if anyone does get a check please post it so we all will know  heavi hearted okie

so be sure to post if you do get a check i got the same letter today i am  going to take it to the postmaster tommorrow  to see if they know anything about it too


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