How do u tell ur ex u wanna date him again in a ...

how do u tell ur ex u wanna date him again in a way that wont scare him off. I have been told alot to move on with my relation ship with my ex i have done this and done this over and over again but we always end up dating again. And i am not pursuing him KatieT i have only told him that i still like him. But now this is kind of un-comfortable b/c he is dating my friend and she is bi and she likes me. Then he calls me his bitch and says that he was in my bed with me. i dont know how to really deal with now sooo plzzzz help Undecided 

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babygirl,  Your ex is an ex for a reason.  Let him stay an ex.  Move on.  You should always go forward, not backwards. 

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Hi Babygirl,
You sure know the answers to the following questions:
1.  Why do you want him back ?
2.  Why do you think it will work this time ?
3.  What went wrong last time ?
4.  Did you (or he or both) realized what was the mistake 
     changed and is more ready now to give your relations
     a better chance ?
If you know the answers write him a note to try and convince him why you (both) should give it a 2nd chance and ehy do you believe it is going to work.
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You can't go back in time.........only forward.

Becoming a fool is not an option and YOU have "no control" over HIS EMOTIONS or how he handles any situation. 

Leave the past in the past, change what you can within YOURSELF and move forward from there.

Having said that.........Friendly terms with an old acquaintance is manageable and a nice ending to a sad story.  Smile


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Not much I can add that my colleagues have already told you.  But your profile states that you are 14.  You need to give yourself a chance to explore other relationships.

At 14, we all thought we had lost the "love of our life" but you have so much dating and living ahead and if he is as young or slightly older than you are, he may be wanting to explore his options as well.  Give yourself some time to get to know others before you just settle for a guy who YOU have to pursue.

You can remain friends and see how it never know what he might be missing if you take it slow and date other people.  Never try to change him because it will never can only change yourself and how you react to him and others in your life.

Good luck sweetheart, you have so much ahead of you to try and connect with a guy who should be pursuing you!  Remember, measure life not by the breaths you take but those who can take your breathe away.  Sounds like he may not be worth your time, so find someone who does.  Look ahead and not behind you...

Best wishes and good luck,


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